Perrier Jouët Presents 2020 New Gift Box Collection

Maison Perrier Jouët has been guided by a love of nature since it established in 1811. Its founders, Pierre Nicolas Perrier and Rose Adélaïde Jouët, were renowned for their keen interest in botany and for their progressive ideas on natural viticulture, which were taken up by succeeding generations. Today, nature remains at the very heart of the House, and has provided the inspiration for a new, fully recyclable collection of gift boxes for its classic, non vintage champagnes. The result of two years’ research and development, the new gift boxes merge an elegant, minimalist aesthetic with a focus on sustainability. Designed and manufactured in France, they are produced from 100% natural fibre, sourced from certified forests in Northern Europe, and are nearly 30% (55 g) lighter than the previous versions. Advanced embossing techniques are used to minimise the consumption of ink, which is water based and free from mineral oils. As a result, the new designs are not only fully recyclable, but also more easily recyclable, owing to their minimal use of secondary materials. Simultaneously, Maison Perrier Jouët will adopt new, eco designed shipping cases, produced from recycled and grass paper, which are also 100% recyclable.

This change has been accomplished without compromising on Maison Perrier Jouët’s signature elegance and attention to detail. Inspired by the chalky subsoil of Champagne, the new gift boxes are pure, matte white and are embossed all over with an intricate motif recalling the House’s legendary anemones. The only colour is reserved for the oval cartouche, echoing the shape of the bottle label, which bears the name of each cuvée: green for Perrier Jouët Grand Brut, pink for Perrier Jouët Blason Rosé, gold for Perrier Jouët Blanc de Blancs. The symbiotic relationship with nature which Maison Perrier Jouët has maintained for more than two centuries has intensified in recent years, taking the form of a sincere, ethical and lasting commitment and concrete actions. The launch of the new gift box collection which will be rolled out worldwide from 1 July 2020 represents the latest stage of the House’s ongoing efforts to reduce its impact on nature. In line with this objective, which extends from the vineyard to the finished product, the entire gifting offer will be sustainable by 2022.

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