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 Andrew Gn's AW2020/21 runway collection with inspiration comes from a 1976 cult movie <The Blue Bird> by George Cukor where Medieval tales meets mythologies from all around the world that fascinated Gn's phenomenal creation. Gn talks to mylifestylenews the making of his invariable and remarkable couture-like aesthetically crafted prêt à porté collection.

Look 38 - Liquid silver plissé gown with crystal-encrusted bib

Why "the blue bird" by George Cukor and medieval theme is this season's inspiration? I wanted to be inspired by the fairy tales and folklore I read when I was a child. In fact the stories themselves were captivating, but the illustrations in the books even more. I have always been a very visual person. I saw “The Blue Bird” movie years ago. I was totally fascinated by Elizabeth Taylor playing The Queen of Light, along with Jane Fonda as Night, and last but not least Ava Gardner as Luxury. The story is based on “L’Oiseau Bleu” by Maurice Maeterlinck, a symbolist writer of the late 19th century. This is why “The Blue Bird” absolutely fits into the repertoire of my Fairy Tales theme. The costumes worn by the three leading actresses were absolutely gorgeous and sumptuously whimsical.

Look 27 - “Pivoine” silk satin plissé gown with jewel neckline

Which material and color you use the most in this collection? Why? Tons of metallic tones such as Gold, Bronze, Copper and Platinum, playing against Black. Also loads of jewel tones such as Emerald, Sapphire and Quartz.

Look 49 - “Griffin” embroidered cape & flannel mini shorts

Which look required the most attention to detail in this collection? Why? The finale look, a cape trimmed with crystals and hand-embroidered griffins in metallic thread and gold beading. A tour de force of my Atelier.

Look 47 - Griffin” embroidered jacket. Flannel mini shorts

What kind of object or design element that you never part with in every collection?I love embroideries. This is something I would develop in depth in many of my collections. I’m a maximalist and embroidery expresses a lot of the way I design.

Look 42 - Quilted “Medieval” brocade coat with velvet details and “Byzantine” jewel appliqué. Chunky turtleneck sweater. 
Black flannel mini shorts

What is the signature Andrew GN's look? My luxurious embellished coats. My clients keeps them like heirloom pieces.

Look 30 - Emerald green satin blouse with slashed draped sleeves. Purple crepe midi skirt with jewel buttons

How shall Andrew Gn's Women shall look or be like? They are strong, bold women who will not enter a room unnoticed, all decked up in Andrew Gn.

Look 35 -  “Bukhara” print silk dress with slashed draped sleeves and “Byzantine” jewel belt

Is there a particular reason why the total of 49 looks in this collection? Not really. Number of looks vary from season to season.

Look 1 - White crepe mini dress with slashed draped sleeves

Why did you want to open your show with look #1 - white draped dress - look and finish with the embroidered cape? I wanted to build up the appetite by starting the show with something quite pure and minimal, and pump up the volume crescendo, finishing with total sumptuousness.

Look 25 - Purple silk satin plissé gown with draped sash

How do you define Andrew Gn's aesthetic? My motto is beauty and luxury, so are my aesthetics.

Look 41 - “Phoenix” oversize tweed coat with passementerie trimmings. Liquid silver plissé skirt

What is the must-have (item) in this collection? One of the embroidered coats. They are absolute show-stoppers.

Look 45 - Embroidered “Cosmic” kaftan with jewel choker

Who is your style icon & who do you look up to? Coco Chanel! My Dad!

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