GEORG JENSEN Presents 2019 Off Spring Collection

Combining beauty with a strong emotional pull, Jacqueline Rabun’s Offspring jewellery tells powerful stories about human relationships. Expanding the range of the popular Offspring collection, new enticing gold designs have been added to this poetic range of modern jewellery.

The Offspring collection is created by American designer Jacqueline Rabun, and it is inspired by the unbreakable bond and the unconditional love that exists between a mother and child. The exquisite gold and silver pieces serve as emotional reminders to cherish the ones close to your heart.

Expanding the range of the popular Offspring collection, new enticing designs have been added to this poetic range of modern jewellery. Designed by Jacqueline Rabun, the collection joins together oval egg inspired shapes to symbolise the unbreakable bonds between parent and child, family members, life partners or friends.

The Offspring collection was introduced in 2018, and the 18 karat rose gold and sterling silver designs have quickly become new Georg Jensen favourites around the world. Now, five of the existing pieces are also presented in 18 karat yellow gold, a material that brings a new feel to the hoop earrings and sculptural, oval rings.

The American designer Jacqueline Rabun has collaborated with Georg Jensen for 18 years. Her organic,poetic and evocative designs have established her as one of the most exciting contemporary jewellery designers in the 21st century.

Denmark has a patron saint of design and his name is Georg Jensen. The eponymous founder started his silversmith business in 1904 and remains today one of the most renowned names for minimal and modern Danish decor, tableware, and jewelry. Jensen was a man of many talents, apprenticing as a goldsmith and training as a sculptor, early on he pioneered a tradition of collaborating with creative talent from outside the smithy. He trusted his eye and his skill, but wanted more than his own perspective. These partnerships helped establish the brand as a place brimming with new ideas; his studio became home to a company of extraordinarily talented silversmiths and metalworkers, jewellers, designers and artists. Hereby Jaqueline Rabun worked with the Georg Jensen team to create the Offspring collection.

An elegant, egg-shaped oval - a universal symbol of love, harmony and evolution - is the unifying shape that appears across this striking twenty-six-piece collection. Crafted in sterling silver and 18k rose gold, many of the Offspring designs feature two interlocking egg forms, the smaller contained within the larger. It is a poetic gesture intended to capture the unbreakable bond that exists between parent and child - as implied by the collection’s name - and often extends further beyond to family, partners, and friends.

The oval shaped links create graceful but unpredictable movements, much like the dynamic rhythms found in nature, and the designs will sit slightly differently on each individual wearer. “The natural shapes and curves of the body are essential to everything I design,” says Rabun, “it is important that each piece compliments the human form and becomes an extension of the body and spirit of the wearer, like a talisman providing strength, confidence and protection”.

“We have chosen to work with Jacqueline Rabun because she has a sensitive and soulful inter- pretation of Georg Jensen’s lasting design tradition and at the same time she has the ability to create beautiful jewellery pieces that are modern and relevant in time” says Nicholas Manville, Creative Director, Georg Jensen. The perfect jewel arouses emotions and gracefully reflects the essence of one’s inner beauty “Offspring is a true celebration of the human spirit. Emotion, connection, independence, and style are all expressed through the collection’s fluid lines and clean shapes”, says Nicholas Manville, Creative Director, Georg Jensen.

Jacqueline Rabun’s philosophy is that “the perfect jewel arouses emotions and gracefully reflects the essence of one’s inner beauty”. She derives her sentiment toward jewellery and design from the elements of life, whether emotional, physical or spiritual in their form. All of her designs betray this introspection and philosophy. They are not merely design objects, but rather beautiful pieces that tell a story. Jacqueline Rabun is a contemporary jewellery designer and silver craftsman with a timeless approach; she has found her greatest inspiration in nature and great universal themes including the cycle of life, birth and time’s passing.

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