《Hong Kong Rugby SEVENS @ 2011》

The most anticipated game of the year in Hong Kong - Rugby SEVENS 2011 had just rounded up by the Kiwi All Black being the champion, they really deserved it. Lots of beers & cheers and lots of running for sure. This fanatic game/party attracted people from around the world. Everyone was invited, The Black Swans, The Priests, The Monks, The Non Human, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, The Housekeepers, The Polices, The Fugetives, The Cavemen, The Horsemen, Kick Ass & Hit Girl, Shreks, Michael Jacksons, Polar Bears, Koala Bears, The Gladiators, The FBI, The Arabs, The Banana Men, The Pirates, The Fire Fighters, Sponge Bobs, The Invisible Men, The Beefeaters, The Amigos, The Taco Men, The Surgeons, The Blue men, Wonder Women, SkyWalkers, The Pink Panthers, The Aussie Bum Swimmers, The Flesher, The Drunk and..................Were you there?
See You in 2012!!!

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