《Didier Lourenco @ State-of-The-Arts Gallery》

Born in 1968 in Premia del Mar, Barcelona, at age of 19 he began to work in his father's print studio, where he learned the art of lithography. He began to paint on paper and canvas,taking over a small corner of the studio.
His latest exhibition entitled <Beatiful Melancholy...City Life> comes from his delicate depiction of the desolated yet beautiful human souls in the hustle and bustle city life. Didier's subjestc in the scenes are of limited communications, are faceless, are of similar geometrical shapes and cures. All the subjects are of similar weight and importance - the sameness, stillness and melancholy of city life;yet there retains a stong sense of subtle beauty from within.

@ picture courtesy of State-of-The-Arts

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