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Italian dining may not be your priority of choice while travelling in Bali, yet some luxury and boutique resorts could deliver more than just comfort food to please your austere palate. Uma Cucina at COMO Uma Ubud may change your mind for its easy-going flavourful combination of Italian-inspired dining. mylifestylenews writes.

The artful use of the herbs and spices, a few key and fresh ingredients applied in Italian cooking is the only way to bring joy to a good Italian meal. The authenticity and uniqueness stem from the quality of the ingredients used in cooking rather than the complexity of preparation. Less is always more in Italian cooking, with traditional techniques that never go out of style to tantalize your palate and simplicity is the key. It’s the element that makes Italian cuisines flavourful and unique.

Uma Cucina is situated at the entrance right on the main road, leading into the village centre of Ubud, but somehow feels otherworldly once you exit off the thoroughfare. Surrounded by lush and soaring frangipani and bamboo trees with outdoor terraces and a large communal dining table made centre stage of the entire dining area, the rustic open-air restaurant is set in a friendly and warm ambience for you to embrace the cozy purlieu.

A long and fully equipped bar at the other corner of the main dining area offer plentiful orange hue lounge chair seatings where it is best to get together for some sassy and innovative cocktails put together by leading London mixologist, Lewis Wilkinson or post dinner drinks.

 The inverted high ceiling environs are supported by multiple wooden pillars with the influence of the local heritage referencing in a Balinese pavilion style, thus keeping the essence of the COMO Uma Ubud estate identity of where you are.

While few touches of Italian design elements can be found from the interior, it is best to focus on the food where the style of cooking reflects the homely cucina (kitchen in Italian) spirit. The menu is simple and straight forward, ranging from sharing snackers of antipasto dishes to signature a-la-carte menu items or even for a more intimate full dining experience.

Italian food is always a matter of regional pride, so in Uma Cucina, honest Italian flavours predominate to sum up this diverse cuisine with locally sourced produce rendered in colourful, no-muss-no-fuss options. The menu is structured with all the Italian classics and gives that sense of comfort when deciding what you will want to order.

<Fritto Misto>
From the first plate, a lightly battered crispy fried mixed seafood was utterly delicious and so moreish, served with aioli and lemon. Despite the fish was not really fresh, rather mashy and lacking the firm texture, the rest of the seafood combination was done with great flavour.

<Carpaccio di Manzo>
Another antipasti came to the table was the thinly sliced peppery beef marinated with herbs and dressed with semi-dried cherry tomatoes, olives, almonds, pecorino cheese and arugula. This is a classic rendition blended perfectly to create a delightful and harmonious palate.

<Calamari alla Griglia>
The lightly grilled calamari was fresh and tender, accompanied with chickpea, garlic, parsley salad and chickpea sauce. The entire combination works and the sauces complimented the overall flavour that left you wanting more. This is a celebration of local produce held together by a singular appreciation of good-quality presented in elegant simplicity. Delicioso!

<Pollo alla Diavola>
This classic Italian fiery barbecue “devil’s chicken” got its name from the spicy marinade. Free-range chicken is used here, rubbed and marinated in a punchy blend of herbs and spices, lemon, pepperonata, garlic, black olive and parsley. The chicken was grilled to perfection with a smokey flavour, tender and tasty that was packed with depth and complexity, served in a very generous portion and expertly cooked. It takes all boxes and simply a winner!

<Manzo alla Griglia>
The beef was a Stockyard Gold 200 day grain fed sirloin and came with charred red onions, asparagus, salsa verde and crispy fries on the side. This was great piece of steak with flavour that was so memorable and it’s provenance added to the overall experience. All other accompaniments were delicious, particularly the onion. Simply divine!

One dessert  to share and this divine semifreddo with a concoction of white chocolate, passion fruit, mango and ginger crumbs is what everyone’s craving for. Slices of thick cut mango sits atop the creamy cheesecake and drenched with the citrusy passion fruit sauce rounding up the entire palate with great satisfaction and really piqued the tastebuds for a refreshing finish to a rich and memorable meal.

The menu features most of the classic Italian dishes, so a definite crowd pleaser when you are looking for simplicity of Italian flavours that won’t disappoint. Given the humidity and outdoor setting, the food was always at the right temperature and texture, particularly the fried dishes, so well handled from the culinary team. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, attentive  and quite welcoming, with the food delivered in a timely order which certainly added to the overall enjoyment for the evening. What’s there not to like? So far, we loved all the dishes that we ordered and able to savour the least expected foreign gastronomy in Bali is another delightful plus. While eating locally or enjoying the tastes of Bali, sometimes you need a change for the palate and Uma Cucina is a great alternative that  is a welcome change, just like you are meeting an old friend that you know will make you happy!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5
 Jalan Raya Sanggingan,
Banjar Lungsiakan, Kedewatan, 
Ubud, Gianyar
Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 3619 2448
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