Maison Valentino Presents UNBOXING Valentino Advertising Campaign

 Maison Valentino reveals the new UNBOXING Valentino advertising campaign shot by Steven Meisel at the Highline Stages Studio in New York. Unboxing as an idea, the idea of community through individuality. An action leading to the essential, the intentional removal of what exceeds. It is subtraction, not absence. Fashion has always to be related to the body. The body of all human beings. Pierpaolo Piccioli opens to all individuals by embracing their diverse personalities, desires, and imperfections as fashion needs to be molded by humanity and invaded by reality. The language of couture in the ready to wear alphabet. Tailoring contaminated by couture codes. A solved complexity in shape and volumes. Genderless items revised through an inclusive process creating a wardrobe that embraces identities and shapes; that enhance the personality and liberate the form, allowing a freedom of choice in the celebration of individuality. The Unboxing Valentino collection campaign is the portrait of a moment. The portrait of a new generation. A portrait of fashion, freedom of expression and the power of beauty. Pierpaolo Piccioli chose a cast of characters with a strong identity, to convey his idea of beauty. He looks for humans, real people make things easier. They put the extraordinary in a familiar frame. A collective exploration of diverse personalities to dwell the Maison community, like a Warhol factory, through Steven Meisel’s lens. Meisel is one of fashion industry’s most iconic photographers, best known for his work for Vogue US and Vogue Italia. The Valentino campaign is inspired by the renowned editorial ‘The Group’ shot by Meisel himself for Vogue Italia in 1999. Photography is the most powerful tool that fashion has to express itself as it evocates a collective unconscious that is able to detect. Steven Meisel also directs the video of the campaign, creating a connection between fixed and in loop images that repeat themselves until the group, which includes Pierpaolo Piccioli, reunites all together. In the aura, the notes of the soundtrack by the Cocteau Twins. It is the urgency to narrate a choral and powerful story through each individual of the campaign: an unboxing of roles, desires, imperfections and identity. Each image reveals portraits of singles and group characters that narrate a generation free to dare.


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