《Brothers Grimm》

It is fun and with lots of dark magic. Damon and Ledger were fun to be with. Bellucci was simply stunning and the role really brought out the charisma of her. Do not expect much of the story line up but enjoying the CG and fantasy are simply worth your ticket purchased.

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《Mr & Mrs Smith》

How many couples out there really would kill each other, professionally. These gorgeous couple would and they are borned to kill.This smart and sexy movie are fun and with lots of good action stunt. Nice to meet you Mr. & Mrss Smith and wlecome to the new world.

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《The Amityville Horror》

We have to say, this is one of the best suspense horror lately. A well twist at the end of the twist as expected and he entire plots didn't give any dead air and continue with good link up. Sit tight and get ready to scream.

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