《6 Minutes @ Giovanni Di Bernardo》

Palermo and Milan based Industrial designer Giovanni Di Bernardo made his debut <Black Revolution> furniture exhibition in Hong Kong recently. Bernardo brought his signature bookshelf/table consul "Daril' and the shelving "To-tem" with him that won him several awards and widely publicized in international magazines. He talks to mylifestylenews of his passion in industrial furniture design......
I do not have a specific philosophy in design, when I design I'd like to feel the intuition, eomotional and personal approach. Any single object, even for domestic use, the designing possibility has to be absolutely multifunctional, unique, and essentially simple.

In <Black Revolution>, What I am trying to find is back to simplicity - to the lightness for my design, building the foundations for the creation of a more unique characterization. There are concept chairs like the <Ring> Chair, <Zero> Chair, <Mattia> Space Chair and even the <Danilau> a Chaise lounge double function coffee table when you turn it around, just to name a few. All of these added an essential element for my design.

I do use a lot of carbon fibre in my design, simply because it is very functional, durable, strong and sustainable. The versatility of this material creates a lot of space in term of inspiration, it is very sensible.

The sky is the limit and I am always open to suggestion when comes to collaboration. It depends, they can be anyone coming from a different industry and that will even creates more opportunity when comes to designing. There are so many talented people out there and I am sure when the time is right, I would like to have a collaboration somehow.

Today's design means considering the changing of the scenarios, intervening on the strategies of design, elaborating proper and possibly new concepts of product, design in the strict sense of the word, which means in a more intimate way. Today design is more and more interpretation of the present reality taking into consideration the forthcoming future reality.

We should start asking ourselves if design is predestined to have a strong universal characterization. Working on the expressive languages of the objects, seem from the justified use of the material, has become necessary to understand the changing of the relationships between them, which means on the changing and the innovation of the typologies.

Black is my favorite color, basically it is not a color at all, it is pure, basic and natural. White could also be my next favorite simple it is clean and unspoiled.

The complexity and the simplicity in design are considered important one towards the other, since they are necessarily rivals, it is essential to free ourselves from complexity. The simpler way to accomplish simplicity is through a rational decrease.

Just like my design style, my personal style is also always simple, minimalistic, straight forward, clean and presentable. Less is more and it always bring out the best unexpectedly.

I am pretty much contended for what I have now, I think  am lucky enough have almost everything that I wanted to achieve. A simple and contended mind is always a perpetual feast and I adore that.


*Special thanks to Bonvivant  & Bellavita Ltd @ the interview arrangement.

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