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His hand is not only making women's faces pretty but he is also a great decorator, with his much hands-on creativity evident, he even hand-sewed the curtains and upholstery in his house just outside of New York City. To no surprise, every face Romero Jennings touches, it will become absolutely colorful and bright, fashionable and chic, just like his own style. Having worked for M.A.C Cosmetic as a Senior Artist for over 2 decades, his celebrity clientele lists and work for Broadway plays, music video, fashion shows are uncountable. Jamaica born-New York-based Romero Jennings has his say by sharing the beauty tips and positive vibes for every women who wants to look beautiful, mylifestylenews caught up with the stylish, witty and cheerful Jennings while he was passing through Hong Kong for his Asia visit......
I studied fashion design and felt the lure of Japan and flew there for a vacation when he was 21, and ended up staying five years. While assisting Satoh Koshine, a Japanese designer in Tokyo, I was asked to do makeup for a catalogue and my passion for doing makeup was ignited. before long I was assisting top makeup artists and doing makeup for music videos.

Once I was working with a Japanese photographer, and she wanted ‘exotic, alien princess flower.’ I had to create a look just based on those four words. Luckily I can interpret a look with minimal but poignant input and also have a feeling of Japan. ‘We need to block the eyebrows out,’ is the first thing I said, and we went from there.” The rest was history.

I come to Hong Kong for the FW2012 Hong Kong Fashion Week and doing the make-up for the evening Gala opening show and also travelling to other part of Asia right after.

I worked with one of the designers- Qi Gang, this year for his dramatic and overwhelming collection that requires a an extremely dramatic and theatrical look. So, I specially designed 15 pairs of long and colorful eyelashes to complement his collection. Each of the gold metal look eyelashes are made by my own bare hands and it took 6 hours to finish for a pair and they were carefully wrapped and placed before it arrived to Hong Kong for the show.

I see inspiration from everywhere, colors are saturated anywhere else I travel. My sensibility of colors can be traced back to my infancy in Kingston, Jamaica. I always strive to be innovative while constantly finding new and creative ways to use makeup products, my daily life inspires me and always push me forward.

2012 make-up trends is very energetic and very much a mineral color inspired. The neon color is a must have and the metal metallic eye shadow, orange, electric fuschia pink and the pantone colors. These strong and bright colors are for 2012, just like your pair lemony shoe that you are wearing, it is also part of the trend for 2012. Just do not afraid of colors, make friends with them and they will make you looks good.
There aren't much different between Asian and Caucasian when comes to make up, it is your personality and confident that makes you look prettier, you must learn to embrace your own natural beauty. Chosing the right product and color are essential, Asian may need a little more lavender pink, orange, a little eccentric of metal to match their color skin tone. Like I said before, do not be afraid of using bright colors.

Proper brushes are the must-have for a perfect yet natural look. I use at least 5 different brushes for a successful makeup. A good makeup that you see from a magazine or TV takes time to make it look good by using the right products and the right tools.

Women needs make up when they get up of bed in the morning, as make up simply will inspire your mood for the day and make a beautiful fresh start for your day. They are not only enhance your clothes that you are going to wear on that day, it is also a combination to express your mood and a balance of your emotion give you a more confident temperament.

I love being the key artist, getting the inspiration from the designer and creating the look and getting everything ready for the team. You have to be passionate about the job as you are the liaison between the company and the designer. Then you communicate the look to the artists. As an artist it’s important to have skills, but it’s more important to have that passion.

Part of my job is to inspire and to comfort. I just like to get everything right. I am grateful for what I am doing now and being able to be involved in creative part of my job and being innovative and make perfect.

I would love to be a Creative Director in fashion design and run a fashion house or label if I stop doing makeup one day. It is all relates to what I am doing now. I would love to do an Asian inspired collaboration cause I love the culture so much. It inspires me a lot and with the freedom to create by using the modern technology in fashion creation.
My ideal lifestyle is to have the freedom to do what I like while I can. Just like mt 1988 house that I am living in now, I manage to decorate the way that i want it, to made it look modern and chic. Space is important to me and I enjoy living half in the city and half in the country, it gives me the balance of the urban vibe and peaceful tranquility when I don't have to work.
A candid shot of Romero Jennings having his "makeup" touch up @ mylifestylenews

*Special Thanks to M.A.C @ interview arrangement.

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