《LANCEL @ SS2012》

LANCEL SS2012 collection is fresh, lively yet sensual and graceful. The use of universal blue, mango yellow and iris purple which is rarely seen on handbags and accessories, gives the collection vibrant shades that are zesty in a refined way, infusing freshness which is vital to the collection.  The choice of natural materials is durable, with the skin of lizard, water snake, shagreen, and pleated eel; all processed in meticulous steps and finished with fine details.  The effect of the colourful leather is seduction and love at first sight; whilst the bags are finished with over-the-top aesthetics for which the maison is most well known.
The story of LANCEL starts with a French woman: Angèle Lancel.  Founder of the first fine leatherwork company in 1876, she rapidly opened a dozen of boutiques in Paris during the 1900’s… all called “Au Sphinx”. “Au Phenix” and “A l’Incenarrable”…. a string of defiantly independent names that expressed LANCEL’s vision of femininity: free, audacious and playful. Over 135 years, LANCEL has mastered the perfect work-to-play handbags throughout the world of luxury leather goods. This season, the legendary legacy continues to express French Légèreté from iconic classics, such as the Premier Flirt, L’ Adjani, Le Brigitte Bardot (BB); to its new creation, such as Daligramme Collection, L’ Angèle by Lancel, Baby Balancel and L’ Amante.
L’ Angèle is a modern remake of one of the Maison’s vintage pieces from the 60’s, evidenced in its generous lines, and the curves of its champagne coloured “bijouterie de sac” (metal fittings) inspired by the original turnstile clasp.  On the inside, a chapter of the maison’s history, rich with anecdotes opens up: an elaborate mechanism that brings to mind the principle of the “desk” inspired by the trunks manufactured by the maison in the 30’s, keep the flap with the mirror upright.  The mirror in its turn draws inspiration from the LANCEL evening bags from the 20’s: a moment of vanity to refresh your make-up or to take a discrete glance over your shoulder... L’ Angèle by Lancel personifies the very essence of French Légèreté.
L’ Amante (lover in masculinity) is about a relationship between you and this bag.  The bag comes smooth calfskin leather as well as mock crocodile leather, both carry a clever line with a secret, removable front pocket.  Two ways to be worn on the fashionable arm: short and long strap, both say chic, classy, and highly desirable! 
The iconic mini creations in this season’s treasure trove:  Premier Flirt envelop flat pouch is a sophisticated choice that truly understands embodiment of personal taste; while the iconic Le Brigitte Bardot (BB) bag blends the delicious blue, yellow and green palette with surprise texture of the choice of material – cotton canvas and pleated Alcantara.  L’ Adjani is breathing new life into the use of traditional materials – mock lizard, grained calfskin and water snake leather.  From pouch to carryall, each piece is distinguished by its unique design and sophisticated craftsmanship, available in a variety of colours.

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