《Lisa Ono @ Japão》

Got enough of Lisa Ono's BOSSA NOVA in different foreign languages but her own mother tongue in Japanese? Here you shall wait no further as this time her latest album <Japão> literary translated as Love Of The Cherry Blossom challenging the J-POP classic oldies and has a rearrangement and done it her own soft and comforting BOSSA NOVA ways. Fans of Ono especially her beloved nation will no longer be a stranger and surely could fall into her voice of home coming with a complete comprehension. To many others, surprises may not be found in this album and it is just be another release of her by not having so much changes of her performance style but by all means it is the style that brought her into the love-factor and loved by all of her followers. A zero pollution of her voice might be a little too much of an exaggerations, after all, musics is there to enjoy on a listening pleasure. Try listen to this album on an lazy raining afternoon with a glass of wine with a good book, it would be your best company and you would find much more soothing effects by travelling with Ono's music journey. 

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