《RIHANNA @ Talk That Talk》

RIHANNA latest releases <Talk That Talk> has never worry about other people's perceptions of her art of performance despite there are the usual suspect what you can expected to find in this latest album. It was quite a few repetition in the music arrangement and some of the tracks was singing a little too hard in order to highlight her powerful voice unfeelingly. However, it already has claimed being one of 2011's best pop-diva complimenting the "occasionally perfect pop" songs on the record and noting the set is easily Rihanna's most cohesive to date.
You may not remember much of the songs in this album even after few replay as they are quite a few of them in similarity without much surprises. There are no doubt a parental advisory is required for the explicit content of her style of performance to wow her fans but still a few tracks are on the upper hand. <You Da One>, < We All Want Love> and <Do Ya Thing> are at least one of those that become much easy listening to the others from the album. Others raves about <We Found Love> featuring Calvin Harris but we find it just another usual duet to create noise. This entire album may be far more than a collection of singles but this dance pop album still win many other support. It may not be a victory lap but ate least it is a whole new race for her future since she came out from the dark of the troubled relationship with Chris Brown.
<You Da One MTV>

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