《Asturo Tayama @ The Colorful World SS2012》

ATSURO TAYAMA made an appearance for his SS2012 Women’s collection in Hong Kong recently and shared his inspirations behind the new collection. Invited guests were treated to a special opportunity to explore the world of ATSURO TAYAMA through a unique interactive space that showcased Mr. TAYAMA’s sketches, his beloved paintings and photos to arouse instant creation. ATSURO TAYAMA SS2012 Collection is all about color and it was inspired by three themes to enrich the color and design - Tropical Forest, 1930’s artists’ works and  Fusion of Handbag and womenswear.
The Bag Theme imagined a colorful handbag to be wore as fashion, TAYAMA created a series of handcrafted dresses. The avant-garde design, the handmade details and craftsmanship highlight the playful collection. Bag-themed collection includes traveling bag-style dresses decorated with fringes or\ punched leather and saddlebag-style dresss with handle-like shoulder straps. Craftwork motif such as fringes, punching, leather stitches, leather wrapping, braiding, tussel ribbons, etc. Big buckles and clasps used in bags are also installed.
In Tropical Forest , the bold tropical floral and botanic prints in vivid pink, red, yellow, orange, blue and green. Cleric shirt dress in colorful random border print exudes an ethnic charm. Coordination of print and border in the same color tone is also refreshing.
The Color Patchwork was inspired by 1930’s painters like Piet Cornelies Mondrian and Pablo Picasso, TAYAMA applied colorful patchwork in orange, pink, blue, green and purple. Showing off a graphical array of patchwork techniques such as tape and ribbon patchwork, Knit and silk multi-material patchwork, etc. The signature oversized collars are made with tabs.

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