《The Ides of March》

Undoubtedly, Ryan Gosling is not only just a pretty face anymore. His previous film <Drive> had shown some of his other faces in playing different roles with characteristic personality. With no exception to this film, once again Gosling showed us he can handle more, he is simply stunning. Similarly, George Clooney's full-grown direction is getting better and better with intriguing plot-line execution. The entire flow of the movie are thrilling and provoking, the acting among Clooney, Gosling, Philip Seymore Hoffman and Paul Giamatti are brilliantly executive. Each scene were well carried out, not forgetting Marisa Tomei and Jeffery Wright and the up and coming Evan Rachel Wood. Their scenes may not be too many but with each of their appearance, you will remember their existence and their well played roles. Clooney's role was just perfect for his share otherwise spending lesser time juggling the movie direction may not be a good idea. You have our hats off Clooney for another good movie direction and his noteworthy talent. 

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