《Rosenthal X Versace》

In 1993, the co-operation between Rosenthal and the Italian fashion house Versace took its course. The “Rosenthal meets Versace” collection is captivating with its extravagant, gloriously colourful decors, precious accessories and personal gift ideas. The creative source for the luxurious collection is in the variety of ideas by the extravagant fashion designer Gianni Versace, who created a unique link between traditional and modern elements. He combined the style of past eras playfully into his highly imaginative designs.
These include the sets “Méandre d’or” and “Méandre marron” as well as the “Gorgona” gift article series, each bearing the Versace brand mark, the head of the Medusa. The decors “Le Jardin de Versace” in delicate pastels tones and “Russian Dream” in sparkling turquoise, rose´ and yellow shine out with glorious colouring and rich decorations. The “Rosenthal meets Versace” collection has been complemented with the elegant glass ranges “Méandre” and “Medusa lumière”, as well as with a cutlery series in the unmistakable Versace style.
The new Rosenthal meets Versace “Les Rêves Byzantins” collection, designed by Donatella Versace, echoes inspiration from the magnificent ancient 'Byzantium' era and the legendary world of ' Arabian Nights.' This new series is a rediscovery of historic and exotic influences from the Far East that have been expanded on after the successful launch of Versace/ Rosenthal's iconic 'Marco Polo' dinner set. Matching the opulent baroque motifs of the Maison with iconic symbols of Medieval art, the Arabian Crescent Moon alternates with golden graphic patterns and sparkling nettings with glamorous very Versace pink background.
The new collection Rosenthal meets Versace echoes the fabulous, opulent parties of the French Royal Court of Louis XIV and it refers directly to the magnificent first Ball that celebrated Versailles as the official Palace of the Royal Family. A time of overwhelming joy and high spirits. A time that promoted the valuable art of entertaining, with its glamorous, but charming way of living. A lifestyle which directly reminds us of the exclusive Versace After Show Parties. The new decor motif of „Le Grand Divertissement“, which is Versace's iconic Arabesque leaf design, is proposed on a white background emphasizing the refined details and compliments any style of cuisine. The Arabesques in intense purple are combined with a bright golden surface. The typical Versace symbol, the head of the Medusa, is again involved in the pattern. It complements the Arabesques to an opulent and exclusive Versace product.

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