《6 Minutes @ Asturo Tayama》

Paris based, Japanese avant-garde fashion designer Asturo Tayama brought along his latest SS2012 collection to Hong Kong ans shared his inspiration behind the new collection and mylifestylenews explored the world of Asturo Tayama through a unique interactive space while this fashion guru did an instant sketching for us.
My SS2012 collection is all about color and the inspiration came from three different themes to enrich the color and design.

The first one is called Tropical Forest where you can see lots of bold tropical floral and botanic prints in vivid pink, red, yellow, orange, blue and green. There are cleric shirt dress in colorful random border print exudes an ethnic charm.

The second theme was inspired by the 1930's artists' work like Piet Cornelies Mondrian and Pablo Picasso where you can see colorful patch work in orange, pink, blue, green and purple, showing off a graphical array of patchwork techniques such as tape and ribbon patchwork, Knit and silk multi-material patchwork, etc. The signature oversized collars are made with tabs.

The third one is the Fusion of Handbag and womenswear where a series of handcrafted dresses with avant-garde design. Theandmade details and craftsmanship highlight the playful collection. Bag-themed collection includes traveling bag-style dresses decorated with fringes or punched leather and saddlebag-style dresses with handle-like shoulder straps, leather wrapping, braiding, tussel ribbons, big buckles and clasps used in bags are also installed.

Gardening is what I am working on lately as it is calm and peace. It also gives me space of being alone to enjoy the time of quietness. It is zen. 

I feel better to work alone nowadays instead of trying to have a collaboration with anyone or any organization.

Spatial design and interior design would be my next challenge when it comes to design. It is something new and something that I have always wanted to do.

All the design works that I had done are not good enough and do deserve a second chance. I would like to make progress in my life at all time.

My ultimate goal for my career advancement is being able to live with my customers who appreciate and understand my design.

Fashion to me is a mean of communication.

Black, navy blue and white are my favorite colors simple because they are most strong and beautiful. I do not have a definate personal style for myself but I do wear black a lot. 

If I were not a fashion designer one day, I would like to become a painter, however, my painting might not be selling well.

My ideal living lifestyle is to pursuit relaxation at all time.

Asturo Tayama' s instant creative sketch for mylifestylenews.

*Special Thanks to Side Fame @ the interview arrangement.

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