《The Lady》

It is good to see Luc Besson is "slowing down" in term of his movie direction, in a good way. Perhaps we have had enough of his fast pace gangster action and while this film comes out, another perspective of his movie direction, a soft side of him reviewed. Michelle Yeoh has certainly made us proud of her performance especially having the Burmese dialogue fluently played despite for our understanding of actually what she said but with the subtitles, it was still impulsive and moving. We can see Yeoh's had put in a lots of effort on portraying the role, with all of her gestures well executed without any doubts. One thing we must say that Yeoh had lost her British accent's for the real Lady Onshan, you can't have it all. David Thewlis' acting is not any worst than Yeoh's as his body language showed us what is there to take to become a real actor. Overall, it is a good change of Besson's genre for another good milestone.

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