《AQUEEN Debuts @ The Butterfly Collection》

AQUEEN, a brand is born from fusion of Western design and Oriental philosophical elements, taking the brand into a new era.  With originality, international branding concept and proprietary precision craftsmanship as its core competitiveness, it build a sustainable and professionally managed jewellery business ecosystem by joining force with major jewellery brands in China, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. When top brand meets fine shops and creates synergy, augmenting quality by a solid distribution network.  An international jewellery brand epitomizing the beauty of East meets West is born!
 A unique branding is established through world class marketing strategy and promotion. The brand invited the internationally acclaimed designer Mr. William Tang as its Art Consultant in Brand Development; as well as the British branding consultancy iPULSE as its image design team. The designs are inspired by the love and celebration of nature’s beauty. Leaves dancing elegantly in the wind, an insect at rest, or a mosaic of butterfly wings with the heaven as backdrop. “The Butterfly”jewellery line in three collections (MAGNIFICENCE, ELEGANCE & SIMPLICITY), with a fine selection of necklaces, bangles, rings and earrings. Each piece is adorned with dazzling butterfly motifs. With superb artistry and the proprietary Mi-Princess TMdiamond-setting technique, three dimensional shapes and forms come to life. Supreme craftsmanship and painstaking attention to details reflect AQUEEN’s relentless pursuit of aesthetic perfection.

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