Tonino Lamborghini @ World’s First COMPETITION & SPORT Mechanic Timepieces

Along the constant stream of time, another second past is another second of furious battle for dreams, for fame, and for victory. The world’s best known Italian tastemaker, Tonino Lamborghini launches COMPETITION and SPORT mechanic timepieces dedicated to empowering those as tasteful and discerning as the brand is. Fearless and perceptive, the two new collections inherit the perfect watchmaking qualities Tonino Lamborghini is celebrated for, and unite distinctive designs, premium materials and a prevailing emblem of luxury and aristocracy.
COMPETITION is a collection of mechanic chronicle watches featuring oversized crowns and a timekeeping button. Taste lovers will instantly eye on the signature ‘Bull’ shield-shaped bezel as a confident manifesto of vicarious characters. At 3, 6 and 9 o’clocks are three sub-dials for hours, minutes and seconds, whilst the latter two highlight the shape of “Bull” shield. Turn to the caseback and be amazed by a Swiss-made automatic movement reassembled by Mr. Lamborghini.  Apart from the classic black designs featuring high-quality 316L stainless steel straps and cases, the collection also introduces high-tech carbon fiber, of which the cases in bright orange and yellow are made. This lightweight but powerful material also contrasts with genuine leather on the brand’s tasteful carbon fiber leather straps, alongside vintage-style brown leather straps tastefully matched with rose gold bezels. Except for the stainless steel watches, all pieces in the collection bear a buckle in shape of the brand’s iconic ‘Bull’ shield.
Another collection to watch is SPORT Mechanic Timepieces Collection, splendidly launched with simply sleek designs and a perfect blend of sports watches and ultimate functionality. Made of 316L stainless steel, these automatic three-hand watches have ultra-reliable Swiss-made movements reassembled by Mr. Lamborghini. At 6 o’clock is an arc-shaped power reserve display empowered by wrist movements, with a hand indicating the remaining functioning hours. As the hand inclines towards “4/4”, it means that the watch is at its best. At 9 and 12 o’clock are date display and a round-shaped 24-hour sub-dial, which add a tasteful touch of modernity to the dial that will surely rock every occasion, night and day.

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