NINA RICCI latest fragrance is sweet, fresh and free, just alike a young girl getting ready to fail in love. Inspired by L’Air du Temps legacy and heritage of Nina Ricci, L’Air by Nina Ricci is a perfume of freedom, audacity and modernity. L’Air by Nina Ricci is a springtime sky, a rustling, luminous landscape. It is the surprise of the moment, the delight of the unforeseen, and the wager of chance. L’Air by Nina Ricci is freedom and a potriat of a bouquet. From Ode to magnolia: its velvet imperiousness, its radiant generosity, its impetuous sensuality. A crown of flowers and virtues: the absolute temperance of rose and jasmine, the gracious diplomacy of freesia, the nibble of honeysuckle, the false shyness of violet, the quiet strength of palisander wood, the frankness of patchouli.
The fragrance is a chant rising to the heavens, a floral and a luminous bouquet. The motion-bottle, a transparent arabesque, a limpid whirl. A perfume sheltered by glass, like dawn at your window. The camaieu pink is luminous, polished and rosy. The secret charm irresistibly striking grace with gleaming dew, obstinately fresh with two doves entwined, palpitating on the look.
The advertising campaign of L’Air by Nina Ricci is directed by Ryan McGinley, the award-winning American photographer and filmmaker. In 2003 McGinley was awarded the honor of Photographer of the Year from American Photo Magazine, and in 2009 won the gold medal at the LeadAwards in Germany.

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