EMPHASIS Jewellery Love In Blossom @ The Romantic Garden

This Valentine’s Day, EMPHASIS JEWELLERY invites you to step inside the ‘Romantic Garden’ to pick roses and lotus flowers full of passion as a gift of devotion for your loved one. A rose is the perfect embodiment of elegance, sensuality and beauty, whilst the delicate lotus flower symbolises purity, elegance and grace. 
Just like a flower, love must be nurtured with devoted care to grow and blossom. The new EMPHASIS JEWELLERY collections revolve around this theme of a ‘Romantic Garden’. The Rosy Love diamond collection features pieces shaped like a rose in full bloom, utilising simple geometric lines to symbolise passion and romance. The Lotus Leaf diamond collection features two opulent lotus leaves closely interwoven, like two lovers unwilling to part. These pieces from will definately dazzle every eye and delight your loved one. 

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