La Maison Du Chocolat Opens @ The Lee Gardens

Following the success and quick expansion in the past few years in Hong Kong, Parisian chocolatier La Maison du Chocolat has recently landed in Causeway Bay with yet another elegant boutique. Opening their fifth boutique in Hong Kong in The Lee Gardens, this time the brand surprises us with a gracefully designed cafe area and offers delicate tea sets to satisfy our sweet tooth. Located on the basement level of the The Lee Gardens shopping mall, the boutique is set amidst a sea of luxury, surrounded by boutiques of other French luxury brands. The new boutique exemplifies the brand’s contemporary and innovative spirit with interior decoration filled with cream and brown color, just like their delicious chocolates. A warm, welcoming and generous atmosphere is created through the use of wood and soft lighting. The Tea sets offer portions of 2, 3 or 4 pieces, with different choices of chocolates, macarons, mini éclairs and mini tarts to choose from; while the High Tea set for 2 people will consist of all of these delicacies set in a stunning display. To complete the gastronomy experience, customers can choose their choice of beverage from 2 kinds of hot chocolates, 3 kinds of cold chocolates and also a wide range of coffee, tea and fruit juices options.
Housing a splendid array of delicacies on display, the new boutique also overlooks a spacious cafe in the middle of the podium on the basement level. Step through to the cafe to discover the area transformed into one of Paris’ famous sidewalk cafes, only with more flair and elegance. Decorated using a contemporary French style that harmonizes with the core brand values, a comfortable 18-seat space sits atop a beautiful chocolaty-brown circular carpet. Highest quality furniture are used to ensure the ultimate comfort, dedicating this space to the busy shoppers and business crowd as a perfect escape to enjoy silky smooth chocolate delicacies or a cup of rich hot chocolate amidst the hustle and bustle. Be pleasantly surprised by the new Tea sets and High Tea set, specially designed for The Lee Garden cafe. With the brand’s trademark attention to detail, you can be confidently sure that the Tea sets and High Tea set will quench your desire for anything sweet and delicious.  

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