Thanks for the local distributor for releasing this film before the US release, letting us to have a chance to view it at once. What would you do when suddenly you are given with super natural power? Will you flaunt it or will you just keep it to yourself and use it wisely and not turn it into an evil likelihood. Alien vs mankind has always been a a question in reality , it is up to you to believe it but when it comes to a movie, Alien vs mankind genre always have its fan, that is because everyone wants to find out the truth and the mythical truth always turned into another misery and mystery. This film has no exception for what you would like to find out from it but it is surely an entertaining film with more reality as they way they filmed it with lots of hand-held camera scenes. Don't get carried away by it or give up up on it after the first 15 minutes of camera turning left and right and upside down. Have a little bit more patience and find out more after that, you will be thrilled by the super natural power.

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