《The Woman In Black》

It is <The Woman In Black> not <Men In Black>, mind you! This period drama/thriller adapted novel by Susan Hill is dark, scary and powerful. Can't image how the stage play like while they were doing it years ago in English. Jealousy and envy do come along when you lost someone you love especially from your immediate family. A revenge to follow without any doubt and trying to get back what you should have. This film was very well directed by James Watkins who is well known for his dark and intense style of making drama thriller since he wrote the screen play <Eden Lake> 2008 and <Gone> 2007 which develop a certain style of his own. There are lots of screaming for you in various well planned plots, just watch out the girl next to you, her scream might be the scariest thing of the entire movie. Daniel Radcliffe loner widower's role was well played, audiences follow his foot to find out what's the truth lies behind without much of  a choice but to open your big brown eyes and wait for the next screaming. It has been a while that a good drama thriller on the big screen with well execution. <The Woman in Black> is one of the best in the same genre by far in the past couple of years. Do watch out for the woman in black even after you left the cinema.

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