《6 Minutes @ Alexandre David》

IKEPOD introduces their latest luxurious and limited edition design watch entitled <IKEPOD Horizon by KAWS> which was launched at Collette, Paris 2nd May 2012 to Hong Kong. Brought in by the local unique and foward-looking lifestyle & design concept store <Gurus> together with the brand CEO Alexandre David and designer from KAWS Brian Donnelly to Hong Kong with the latest watch design. Alexandre talks to mylifestylenews about the collaboration over a lunch in Amber......
The collaboration started when we met Brian at one of the parties at the Colette store in Paris. We were being introduced to each other and we had a small chat, coincidentally, we share our ideas of IKEPOD to Brian and the conversation was quite switch on and immediately out of both of our interest, we would like to have a collaboration with each other.

Brian began to work on the project and we have the mutual understanding and trust between each other. As the matter of fact, he began to work on the project not even receiving his contract 12 months after. It is all about sharing the same believe, understanding and trust to make things work.

We like to work with artists that share the same goal with us. Achieving the pure form is a lofty and often unattainable goal. It can be any talented person that thinks alike with us, with the ability to arrive at what is most pure, unpretentious and beautiful that occur only through the spirit of stringent reduction and uncompromising innovation. Creative mind thinks alike is very important to us when we work with others.

The IKEPOD Horizon by KAWS is a complexion with simplicity, just like our purpose and goal. Understand the know-how of watching making with sophisticated unique and goal and iconic design into the world of horology. The dial of this special Horizon, taking the artist's signature cross design for eyes and hands of his characters and transforming them into the hands of the dial.

The Double X markings can also be found on the rubber strap near the special IKEPOD clasp. The teeth of KAWS characters are made into the hour markers and the IKEPOD logo can be found at the bottom of the sapphire crystal.

It is our belief that simplification, not complication, it is a higher state of being both in the practice of design and horology. Only through a complex reductive action and process can the sublime state of pure beauty be reached.

In order to achieve a flawless round block case, a new version needed to be established, a new watch needed to be created and an entirely new way to build it.

On an IKEPOD watch, the movement enters through the front, not the back, offering both symmetrical perfection and allowing the natural ergonomic shape of the POD to remain intact.

Wearing the IKEPOD watch is a status of symbol. we only produce very small amount like 300 pieces a year or one piece a day with a small distribution. We do it differently and we like to have the idea that make the watch to be more interesting and being appreciated when they are wearing it.

My most treasure possession is TIME, with the time given and allowing me to do things that I like.

My greatest extravagance is also TIME.

My ideal way of a living lifestyle is to be able to have the freedom to think, to do things that I like and not to do things that I don't like. Staying in good health, living in a happy environment and I guess it would be very fortunate.

My current state of mind is no frustration to cause and give love and reach out for love.

KAWS graffiti artist turned Painter/Sculptor/Designer for IKEPOD Horizon by KAWS
Brian Donnelly

Further details, visit : www.gurus.hk

*Special thanks to Gurus @ the lunch interview arrangement.

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