《Wellendorff @ Mother’s Day Series》

Wellendorff accentuates the elements of love, warmth and comfort by presenting on Mother’s Day the Necklace Comtesse with Rondel Silken Blossom and Ring Silken Blossom in adoring pinkenamel with finely engraved blossoms displaying a sense of mature femininity. Famous for its gentle texture upon skin, the silk rope necklace crafted with 18-karat gold assures absolute comfort that is complemented by the Earrings Silken Blossom, giving a complete shimmering look that is light weighted and versatile, perfect for any occasion.The bond between mother and child is indescribable. A mother’s love is like a star that guides and guards us and this is symbolized in Wellendorff’s timeless jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation with Wellendorff’s “Wahre Werte” as the rope of your love that will braid around her heart.

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