《Lee Opens Flagship store @ Causeway Bay》

Lee opened its Hong Kong flagship store in Causeway Bay recently running its concept of using basic fabrics, Lee brings out the uniqueness in all wearers. Adorned with innovation art pieces from around the world and set with interactive screen panels, the new store is deemed to be the ultimate hub for the fashionistas. To celebrate the launching of the store, a collaboration between Lee and Lomography brings to the city a limited edition Lee x Lomography La Sardina camera, further igniting the urge to explore our city and witness the best moments of life.
A pair of jeans is the best reflection of the wearer’s lifestyle and mindset. Be they a careful wearer trying to keep their jeans in good shape, or a daring rebel signing rugged styles on his jeans, it is Lee’s belief that each pair of jeans becomes unique with everyday experiences. Such is the root of denim, and is echoed in the store interior designed by the Belgium architecture firm SAQ, using concrete, tiles and logs that shout originality.
Interaction with customers is also what Frederik wishes to incorporate in the store to establish mutual relationships.“The open window display is an atelier for anyone to showcase themselves to the public on the street. Customers can interact with the touch-screen panels to explore latest information about the brand. The Living Room area is a walk-incloset and a living for anyone to pick their outfits at ease,” explains Frederik.
Lee carefully selects art pieces from around the world to be showcased at the store, including a denim inspired paper lantern called Cumulus designed by female artist Cornelia Erdmann, who has just been selected as one of the “40 Under 40” by Perspective Magazine; as well as an all white Buddy Lee figure inspired by the root of the Lee brand. The outstanding art pieces bring together the artists’ exceptional styles with the true characters of Lee and denim.
 The open window display area serves as an atelier that regularly display artists’ works, and is debuted by new media artist Henry Chu’s “Cloned Shadows”. “Employing a delayed projection, customers shake hands, kiss, hug, dance or fight with their cloned shadows, such self-interaction is a process to rediscover oneself,” explains Henry, who appreciates this excellent platform to promote art in the city offered by Lee.

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