Goodrich Global Hand‐painted Wallcovering Exhibition

Traditional Chinese handicraft arts are of the profound kind. Every stroke and every seam requires precise craftsmanship so that a masterpiece that reflects contemporary lifestyle is created. From the picturesque Dun Huang murals to simple work from the folklore, every unique piece of art mirrors the passion of its creator. Asia’s trendsetter and leading wallcovering manufacturer Goodrich Global masters the traditional artistry and excites the monotonous market with its distinctive hand-painted wallcoverings launched in 2007 which was the first handpainted wallcovering on vinyl wallpaper. With “Your Cover Story” as its goal, the brand turns wallcoverings into canvases that portray different stories, blending artistic elements into our everyday life.
An exhibition was held recently with a selection of flowers and birds as the theme, and inspires audience with oneofthekind aesthetics showcasing a selection of more than 10 pieces with patterns including green bamboos, magnificent peonies, graceful daisies, colourful peacocks and sweet leiothrix couples – all are fine, painstaking creatures by dedicated artisans who aspire to embellish every cosy home with murals that bring nature indoors. The harmonious blend of craftsmanship and freehand brushwork, of unique styles from the East and the West, of cutting- edge designs and traditional styles within the brushwork, decorations, oil and abstract paintings. Further details, visit www.goodrichglobal.com.cn

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