《6 Minutes @ Isabel Marant》

Jewellery and accessories designer turned fashion designer Isabel Marant are known for her simplicity combine with personality in her collections made many fashionistas dying to wear her design. Madame Marant was in town to open her latest Flagship store in Hong Kong by I.T to meet with her fans. She told mylifestylenews what fashion really means to her through her journey of fashion design......
I started jewellery design in a very tight budget and do my own creation and I felt in love with fashion design after my study.

This new store in Hong Kong carries Isabel Marant main line and the the second line Etoile.

My garments are quite easy and simple, there isn't any special messages that I would like to deliver but for the women who wears it, I'd like them to feel comfortable, chic, fashionable and with confident to bring out their inner self.

Sometimes, the image of the brand may not be able to carry well but it is important for us communicate well with others what the brand stands for. Isabel Marant is much of a grown up brand now simply because I grown up too and learnt more from my work.

I prefer to do a small skill yet quality design, I am not into mass production. Losing the truth is not what I want for my brand.

It is sad to see that many big company rules the fashion world and magazine these days, they control most of it and it is really sad.

I love the idea of social media networking even though I am still not so technical into this but at least it shows that the fashion world today does not only belong to fashion editors. It is more free and more spontaneous. It is more freedom on the internet and if you find the right way to do it, you will get there.

I love to wear other's bands but now can't really do it as I am carrying Isabel Marant's image.

As a brand, I have achieved much more than I could possibly do. There is not a dream or a big career plan that I want to chase but I work a lot everyday and it is important to be involved in what you are doing and you like what you are doing.

Positive motivation keeps me going on for my career and I am proud of myself for what I am doing brought me to where I am today. I follow my instinct and sometimes when you have frustration which you can't avoid and it was in my deep soul. I'd never be pleased and that

There isn't anyone in particular I like to see who is wearing my design. I do not have this fantasy for a big figure neither. I like to design clothes that are versatile, chic that built to last. It has to be practical, comfortable and can be easily worn everyday.

I believe women like who wear clothing that not too complicated and carry certain attitude with her own personality and it will then bring out the best from the garment. Just be yourself and know what your want. It may be difficult to someone else but once you get there, you will know what you really want.

I try to design to please women and give them a little treasure and make them feel nice, pretty and to bring out their confident and free being themselves.

I am very precise for what I wanted to wear and I can tell you also what I will be wearing for tomorrow night opening party.

I enjoy doing pret-a-porter and design for older women as they have more character in their life experience. Red carpet dresses is not my cup of tea and I also like to design Men's clothing but right now I do not have enough time to juggle so many things. Perhaps, I will insert one or two pieces in my future show, just for fun and to see what Isabel Marant's men is like.

It is important that being a designer to explore new things and bring certain soul into the creation, it is a part of me trying to offer this in my design.

Many new comers like to design just to wow the audience but without any practicality and commercial value in it. You may get the fame in the shortest possible time but it won't last long as fashion changes very quickly everyday. You don't sell, you don't go on, simple as that.

Conceptual fashion is the richness of fashion and I pick up my inspiration from everyday of my life, the people on the street. I am not into non realistic and putting on what disguise yourself. It is more about living and a relationship. That is what we look for in our garment and understand women and put them into the design.

That is how I live and I never be pleased in my design and that makes me wants to do something different for each season.

We don't need to buy too many clothing but some good ones that fit to us as it won't make any difference that you have one extra piece than the other. I buy for a precise reason, the right thing for the right purpose.

My ideal living lifestyle is being able to do what I am doing and I am loving what I am doing now. I work, I live and I love my job. Cooking, gardening and spending time with my family in a little cabin and live a very basic life with less hassle.


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