《M.A.C @ Hey, SAILOR! Summer Collection》

M.A.C Hey, SAILOR! summer collection set sail with a colour collection inspired by the glam of vintage pin-up girls. Go overboard with the never-ending colours of Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, Zoom Waterfast Lash, Lipglass and more limited edition. Join the crew of the sailor-striped elite with beach-bound essentials inspired by the glam of vintage pin-up girls and sexy sailors. Set your style on course with the limited edition Gone Sailing Tote and Makeup Bag Set.
A short speed boat trip ride was organized to launch this colour Hey, Sailor colorful summer collection showcasing the full range summer colour and bronzing collection together with a latest made-uo demonstration on borad.The massive product range with lovely catchy names includes:

M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Lipstick (LE)
Red Racer – Bright yellow red (satin)
To Catch a Sailor – Highly frosted tan (frost)
Salute! – Neutral peach (amplified)
Sail la Vie – Bright mid-tone orange (satin)

M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Lipglass (LE)
Cut Loose – White gold with pearl
Orange Tempera – Pale peach (Repromote)
Riviera Life – Bright tangerine
Blessedly Rich – Pale coral
Send Me Sailing – Bright yellow red
M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil (LE)
Saunter – Pale beige nude
Throw Me a Line! – Bright true red
Shore Leave Light – vibrant coral

M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Eyeshadow (LE)
Crystal Avalanche – White with Reflects (veluxe Pearl) (Permanent)
Barefoot – Tarnished Gold (veluxe pearl)
Jaunty – Light yellow brown (frost)
Feeling Fresh – Bright green (frost)
Nautical – Navy Blue (satin)

M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Pigments (LE)
Old Gold – High frosted tarnished gold (frost) (Permanent)
Naval Blue – Deep smoky blue (frost) (Permanent, PRO)
M.A.C Hey Sailor! Powerpoint Eye Pencil (LE)
Hand Forged – Metallic yellow gold (Repromote)
Emerald Sea – Kelly Green

MAC Hey Sailor, Bronzing Powder
Soft Sand – Golden bronze with fine gold pearl
Refined Golden – Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish (Permanent)
Blue Stripe – Dark navy

M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Pro Long Wear Bronzing Powder
Naked On Board – Bronzy, yellow tone
Sun Dipped – Dirty red tone
M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Powder Blush
Launch Away! – True peach (Satin)
Fleet Fast – Pinky, gold coral (Satin)

M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Nail Lacquer
Vestral White – Creamy white (cream) (Repromote)
Touch of Red – Bright yellow red (cream)
Gold Knot – Brass gold (frost)

M.A.C Hey, Sailor! To the Beach Body Oil
Seaside- Dirty Blushy pink with multidimensional sparkles
Man Rays – Glowing tan with gold shimmer multidimensional
MAC Hey, Sailor! Suntint SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm
Sea Mist – Peachy nude with pearl multi-dimensional
Rose Au – Poppy Coraly pink with gold pearl
Abalone – See through with no hot pink pearl
M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Brush 167SH Face Blender
M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Zoom Lash Waterfast Lash Mascara
M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Waterfast Black
M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Gone Sailing Makeup Bag Set
M.A.C Hey, Sailor! Dead Gone Sailing

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