《CARRERA @ Eyewear @ SS2012》

CARRERA SS2012 eyewear collection is dedicated to those who “live in the fast lane”, who are not afraid to achieve goals, dreams and desires, and who express their individuality without hesitation or regret. The new sunglasses and optical frames are dedicated to those who follow the message behind the CARRERA campaign. “AFTER ALL, NO REGRETS” is an exhortation to live life with intensity and determination, accompanied at all times by CARRERA eyewear.
The heritage spirit and iconic details define the essential sunglasses for this coming season: Iconic design is the consistently best-selling CHAMPION model is an indisputably iconic fashion accessory. The CHAMPION/HIGH teardrop sunglasses are produced in Optyl which identifies an ultra-lightweight plastic material with refined colour effects. They are now customised with unique and inimitable metal details, such as the “C” icon on the nosepiece and the laser-engraved enamelled logo on the temples. Even the colours are new with dark havana, glossy black and matte black, all with superior glass lenses for outstanding vision quality.
The Heritage details is the teardrop, aviator and mask versions, produced in steel and metal, are characterised by the iconic bridgeon the front of the frame, a stylistic hallmark of CARRERA. The “C” logo is also present and is a distinctive and timeless element. The Identity spirit is the new injection-moulded mask exudes a brash personality through its thick frame, underlined by a metal bar on the front and by iconic graphic lines on the temples. Vintage influences andauthentic personality define the new optical frames.

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