《Dark Shadows》

Seemingly, we never would get enough of Tim Burton's dark humor and cult movies, this adaption from the  cult 60's TV vampire soap opera is no exception but waiting in vein with anticipation. Great expectation usually leads to great disappointment, it always depends on how you look at it, <Dark Shadows> outstanding characters design with phenomenal Tim Burton's Gothic style of dark costumes remained the charm of his usual treats to his die hard fans. Adding a much more silliness and humor in <Dark Shadows> do no harm to the movie but adding more life it seems. Credits shall not forget the stunning special makeup (with lots of blood and broken "porcelain" face) that are dazzling and intricate, it is fun and dramatic, very much a stage operatic style. If you grew up in the 70's, there were lots of elements from the era especially the music like "Top of The World", Woodstock camp fire, the 70's glam rock may brings you back some real good memories. You won't miss out the fun!

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