《Miele @ The Secret of Beauty》

Miele washing machine will always be the best partner, and it will always satisfy any different requirement on clothing, home ware and levels of hygiene by keeping clothes fresh and clean. The joy of a new mother, the pleasure of bringing up children, and every exertion for a better future; every moment glows.
Clothing is what creates beauty and clothing care must be done meticulously to avoid ruining special pieces that represent priceless memories. To maintain the beauty in different stages of life, a home must have an outstanding and reliable washing machine that understands laundry care is an art. Like a washing encyclopaedia, a Miele washing machine knows how to handle varied kinds of soiled clothes, leaving you much more time and ease for your own beauty.
A world-leading appliance producer, Miele is famed for its cutting-edge, high-intelligence and modern domestic appliances. Equipped with additional updated programmes, Miele washing machines are designed to handle different materials and clothing with different needs, with varied daily needs of your family effortlessly satisfied.
Environmental consciousness has been part of Miele ethos. The brand follows strict manufacturing standards and requires every single product to pass high-standard testing and the benchmark of 20-year lifespan. To meet different needs in daily life, Miele has developed a digitally upgradable special program, with which families can select their own programmes in 20 years. It optimises a washing machine’s longevity and efficiently reduces waste, whilst users can eliminate the time for regular washing machine replacements while enjoying the latest functions.

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