《Fairy Tale Killer 追凶》

Despite Danny Pang's usual suspense thriller had his die hard followers, <Fairy Tale Killer> has not brought out the best in him since the international hit <The Eye> in 2002 co-directed with his twin brother Oxide Pang. Even though with a couple of promising Thai based thrillers in the following years with extremely pretentious acting from Hong Kong/Taiwan pop icons, it was still a failure. With no exception with this latest release, their last dozen or so releases, many wrote them off years ago, with harsh critics land reviews. The brand name of "Pang Brothers" has gone down hill with their one hit wonders and nothing more to vow the audience but disappointment. There is no doubt that the trailer and poster design had created a lot of imagination and temptation to get back their lost fans and that is what they really do best. But hang on a minute, isn't it what most movies do best? The suspense in this film had prolong the ending with not much of a surprise and predicted ending. The soup is changed but not the chef and the result is still another failure.

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