《Men In Black 3》

Repetition + Repetition still = Repetition! It was full of "seen it before" and "seen it many times" factor. A sequel shall always expect the least expectation to avoid huge disappointment, MIB3 made it triple worst from the first MIB. And again it is in 3D, isn't is that obvious to make extra bucks from the audience? We don't mind paying for a good film but this one is certainly best to save it for a better rainy day. A well deserve a rotten tomato, MIB3 hope will find its balance between yuks and the yucks! One of the highlights for this movie is to see the cameo role appearance of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, has anyone seen them? Even if you did, that won't change the bad written scripts and screenplay. Honestly, don't even think about getting a DVD at home if you miss the cinema's showing. The money well deserved to be spent much worthwhile for some other purposes.

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