《Qin Chong @ Interplay Solo Exhibition》

Chinese conceptual artist Qin Chong featuring magnificent new artworks exhibition project “INTERPLAY in ink on Xuan paper, oil on canvas, sculpture and installations which was held simultaneously at Galerie du Monde (May 10 to June 12) and ART HK 12 (May 17 to 20).    
Qin Chong presently lives and works in both Berlin and Beijing. His technique of applying ink on paper connects his modern concepts with traditional core elements of Chinese culture and heritage; reflecting an ideal harmony between people and nature.Recent developments in Chinese contemporary art, such as the reinterpretation of ink paintings and calligraphy have lead Qin Chong to the path of evolving contemporary interpretation with the changing culture of modern China. Qin Chong’s sculptural installations extend far beyond traditional art forms, taking Chinese art in an exciting direction influenced by the artist’s observation of contemporary life.
Qin Chong held his first solo exhibition during his studies, showcasing his early paintings which were influenced by his teenage inspiration from his older brother Qin Feng and the renowned artist Xu Bing. Qin Chong graduated from the Beijing Academy for Arts and Crafts, Institute for Art and Design in 1990 and founded the Beijing Ammonal Gallery in 1993. Acclaimed as one of the pioneer artists of the modern/post-modern era in China affectedby the Cultural Revolution, Qin Chong’s passion for art is reflected in his artworks which remain true to his artistic vision. By the late 1990’s Qin Chong was living and working between Berlin and Beijing; providing him an opportunity to experience diverse cultures that became reflected in his artistic creativeness and led to his membership of the German National Association of Artists. His experiences continued to develop an interpretation of his own tradition with influencesfrom his adoptive city.
Continuing the customary tradition of using only black and white in his paintings,Qin Chong’s works show respect to his Chinese roots, yet capture an understated conflict between appearance and content. It is this conflict that allows the artist to highlight a sacred sense of time. In his work the essence of time is not invisible but a tangible concept of space. Exhibition ends 10th June 2012. Further info, visit www.galeriedumonde.com.

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