《Bvlgari Re-opened @ ifc Mall》

Bvlgari re-opened of its ifc mall store and held an cocktail evening recently.The renovations have taken inspiration from a new concept that mixes together the key elements that define the Bvlgari image. The eye catching façade has been finished with copper liver, a metal material treated with a particular process that makes it dark and matt. The exterior with pillars and portal recalls the Bvlgari classical shapes and colors while the contemporary material depicts the fashionable Hong Kong lifestyle.
Six windows have been designed with different displays – the two side windows feature huge transparencies with suspended showcases and metal mesh that create an attractive see-through effect while the four center giant windows, two on each side of the entrance, give a perspective of the shop thanks to the transparent metal net panel behind the displays. The wooden flooring has been enriched with a“veneziana stone” portion and an onix star to recall the original decoration of the Via dei Condotti store, the first shop opened in Rome by the brand’s founder Sotirio Bvlgari. This “Veneziana” is made with a traditional process that has been used since ancient Greecebut only became famous in the XIX century in Italy.
In the center of the shop, a large counter that features the same façade copper liver finishing with a shining chandelier exclusively handmade for the ifc shop by an Italian supplier. All around the walls have a clear finishing made by different materials; the central one has various gold tones and semi recessed showcases to display high end Jewellery while on the right and on the left hand side the traditional encausto wall with showcases is the background for the basic jewellery counters. The Accessories area featuring oak wood is located in a recessed area just close to the Jewellery and Watch areas.

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