《The Avengers》

How many heroes do we need to save the world? Perhaps the answer is never enough. <Avenger> reunited all the Marvel's comic comes to a real life savior in 3D (once again, is it necessary?). Lucky us, all we have to do is to sit tight and stay away from the summer heat in a freezing cold theater being entertained by the Avengers. Honestly, we expect more notorious bad guys with immortal power to destroy the human world supernaturally but it was unexpectedly predictable for such a war. Impatient audience may need to get themselves entertained by their iPhone before the real action kicked in at the second half of the movie. Hundreds of movies had been made with alien invasion and the world being crushed, waiting for supernatural heroes to rescue had not been unused. As far as <Aliens VS Cowboy> was even made, what's more to expect next? Beside a great visual effect, we can't think of any other compliments on this blockbuster summer hits. Your call!

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