FURLA and I @ Candy-brissma Hong Kong Tour

Following the success of the “Candy-brissima show for Furla and I” at the Italian Embassies in Tokyo and Moscow, at Bloomingdale’s in New York and La Rinascente in piazza del Duomo in Milan, the artist Sissi was in Hong Kong on 17th of May 2012.
At this event, for the first time Furla presented a sneak preview of the four special edition Candy Bags, fruit of the research and experimentation carried out by the brand’s stylistic team: Candy PicNic (that combines rubber with a wicker base), Candy Aerospace (futuristic and aerodynamic with a combination of rubber and ultra-light chromium-plated aluminium), Candy Burlesque (creative and ultra-feminine, it combines rubber with ostrich skin and a cinematographic feather boa) and Candy Rockstar (metal studs and chains for a spirited look, emphasised by the contours and details in black leather).
Eclectic and versatile, the Candy bag was at the centre of an installation-performance by the artist Sissi who staged a sort of ultra-creative production line: six people working together to assemble various elements that the artist designed earlier. Each one features different materials, colours and details that express a specific style and state of mind that Sissi has categorised with fantastical names. When combined, an incredible gallery of Candy-brissima bags comes to life. Unpredictable, unique pieces.

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