《MCM @ Timeless Journey Hand Made Time》

MCM presents an art collaboration project with Media Artists Jaye Rhee and Torsten lauschmann entitled <Timeless Journey Hand Mad Time> curated by Suum project at their Hong Kong's MCM HAUS. With a new trial of cooperation with visual arts based on MCM's zeitgeist, this exhibition is approaching the new media arts, futuristic image and simulyaneous;y the boundaries of the analogue and handmade, this exhibition seeks a creative meaning of eternal "time".
Artist Jay Rhee presenting for the first time the MCM logo artwork using hourglasses created for MCM. It is the reinterpretation of the brand MCM's eternal value as a masterpiece in the field of visual art. Besides, her <Notes> weaves together multiple artistic disciplines inclduing performance art, audio-work and moving images of individuals dressed in black and set against five dark horizontal lines within a while, spatialy amorphous environment. At the same time, Torsetn Lauschmann introducing video with digital clock (Growing Zeros) tracks and records its own effort-value quite literally in hours, minutes and seconds, teases us on entry with an interesting form of durational labour, the "hand crafted time". Exhibition ends 31 August 2012.

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