CHAUMET’s Josephine & Liens Collection @ Mother's Day Pick

CHAUMET's precious Josephine & Liens collection shine with clamour and connect with love. Inspired by Empress Josephine’s majestic grace and exquisite taste for jewelry, the Josephine collection was first launched in 2010. Josephine was CHAUMET’s first muse as well as the first renowned client of Marie-Etienne Nitot, the founder of CHAUMET. Josephine Pendant in white gold is a flawless conjunction of elegance and modernity that shines and exudes glamour on any occasion. Every time she puts it on, she feels not only the timeless concept of beauty itself, but also an emblem of your adoration.
The rings collection of Liens de CHAUMET embraces the message of attachment. The connection between you and your mom grows stronger with each passing day, from infancy through childhood to adulthood. Even though your time together may become less and less, the design of "X" is symbolic of the eternal bond that holds you together despite time and space. It is all you need to translate your love to her on this mother's day.

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