Silhouette 2012 @ Celebrate The Sun Collection

Silhouette 2012 @ Celebrate The Sun Collection design with optimum function, the best vision with joy and wellbeing – Premium sunglasses by Silhouette combine these features and so make individual statements.The combination of pioneering, mainly rimless eyewear design and optimum protection from the hazards of the sun is made possible by Silhouette’s decades-long involvement with the sunglasses phenomenon and its development. The result of this process, that involves research, design, product development and production, is an extraordinary 2012 sunglasses collection – a celebration in the sun.
The models offer perfect sun protection but they also make an impact, in particular thanks to their very high design standards and great comfort in wear because of their incomparable lightness and state of the art processing – up to 80% by hand. And they all help you enjoy seeing in the sun! “The demands of the wearers of sunglasses are becoming more and more individual. Our challenge is to anticipate and recognise this. With the new 2012 sunglasses collection we are not following a trend but making statements,” says Silhouette’s co-owner and Chairman Arnold Schmied, who was himself closely involved in the development of the new line.
“The two collection lines, Lifestyle by Design – for that chic look and good vision in the sun - and Action by Design – for sporting moments in the sun – give expression to the basic philosophy as a core message and structure the collections in two lifestyles,” is how Brand Director Andreas Aschauer-Martinelli characterises the collection.
“Sunglasses are now one of the most important accessories all year round. Not only are they decorative, though, but more and more people are becoming aware of the real function of sunglasses. We want to meet these ever higher expectations – paired with lifestyle and design – so we offer many additional features such as polarised sun protection lenses, a sophisticated lens system, the option of prescription lenses and much more,” is how Klaus Schmied, co-owner and the Director responsible for Technology, Research and Production, describes Silhouette’s philosophy.

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