Shu Uemura @ Depsea Hydrability Alnight Quench

Shu Uemura new Depsea Hydrability Alnight quench SOS "water-mask" is the pioneer of the cleansing oil and UV underbase mousse, shu uemura has always been the upfront of new formula in an unexpecting form. It offer a new night ritual, everyday "mask" like essence to emergently quench the thirst of the skin overnight. Due to the contemporary busy lifestyle, women's skin is specially issuing SOS signs such as dryness, dullness and roughness. Formulated with Alnight Quencher, the revolutionary formula on skin surface to intensely moisturize skin overnight while retexturizing to instantly deliver the moisturizing actives and nutrients and lock in the moisture deep into skin. Next morning, formula is absorbed into skin with a deep feeling of moisturizing comfort. Combining the nature, science and art, shu uemura provides the innovative free-time maximizing solution for the beauty routine every night.

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