Giordano Ladies & Concept One Opens @ United Centre Admidralty

Giordano opend its first combined flagship store of Giordano Ladies and Concepts One is now open at United Centre, Admiralty. The 1,000 square feet flagship showcases an array of men’s and women’s apparels, accessories and shoes from Giordano Ladies and Concepts One. It is the ultimate destination for urbanistas in town, offering sleek, minimalistic wardrobe as well as shoe and bag designs that suit different occasions while compliment individual tastes.
The modernistic retail space of the new flagship is neatly defined by the textured gray floor and the crispy clean lines that run along transparent glasses and stainless steel display fixtures, with an artistic accent orchestrated by sophisticated lighting. While the men’s department is careful marked off by structured stonewalls, the women’s department is elegantly decorated with impeccable white display counters and gondola shelves. The resulting sleek, clean and spacious retail area adds to the uniquely stylish and metropolitan shopping experience proposed by Giordano Ladies and Concepts One.
It is a perfect incarnation of the guiding values of Giordano Ladies and Concepts One, with its interior design and visual merchandising theme following the brand concept of timeless elegance and modern classic.

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