《Thomas Sabo @ Glam & Soul SS2012 》

Thomas Sabo SS2012 Sterling Silver Collection is a beautiful homage to the most successful creations of all times. A reinterpretation of the greatest icons- from the skull to the starfish, from the cross to the winged heart. This season, Glam & Soul collection reflects the identity of Glamour & Soul, and these are not merely the design codes for these fabulous items of jewellery, they are also the perfect description for the brand itself. 
In addition, the new special addition collection line allows you to create your own pieces of jewellery, it comprises of 44 new pendants, five new bracelets, as well as a range of brand-new necklaces withe matching earrings and rings.  This customized items of jewellery with the special addition range: just add, add, add - with a seemingly limitless number of possible combinations.
Key pieces: four onyx and mother-of-pearl disks off arabesque cut-out dics, the most fabulous stage. Downsized in format, the most popular pendants provide absolutely stunning accents. The veritable highlight: the new silver bracelet with its click-in system enable the attachment of pendants to every second link.
And to authentically create your very own, special style and to resolutely follow a fixed style direction has always required full passion. This extreme glamorous has made the brand successful and strong over the course of the years.

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