ZENITH @ El Primero Lightweight Limited Edition

ZENITH introduced the El Primero automatic chronograph calibre in 1969. Over the years, the brand has been building on its tradition to dare and to dazzle. To celebrate its innovative spirit, Zenith unveiled the avant-garde design of El Primero Lightweight limited Edition watch. The centrepiece of the event, El Primero Lightweight is a sportier and more avant-garde addition to the collection, with a precision of 1/10 of a second and a remarkable frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. Over 600 refinements of the original movement and enormous research endeavours by Zenith experts came to fruition in this new model, combining thoughtful designs and finest materials. Produced in a special limited edition of 100 pieces, El Primero Lightweight teams sleek design and state-of-the-art technology with the iconic tone of the brand to scale new heights in precision horlogerie. 
 The new model is designed to reduce weight to an absolute minimum while optimizing its precision, reliability and sturdiness. Based on its latest research relating to new materials, Zenith chose titanium, a light and resistant metal widely used in aeronautics to machine the main elements of the movements that are the heaviest parts of the watch. The Manufacture also forges the double chronograph wheel in silicon, which is 3.5 times lighter than steel. This high-tech, antimagnetic material is harder than steel and guarantees excellent efficiency.
The result is a one-quarter lighter engine weighing just 15.45 g (compared with 21.10 g for a similar classic movement). In terms of the watch exterior, the designers reworked and subtly enlarged to 45 mm from the original 42 mm case, while also seeking to make it as light as possible on the wrist. The choice of carbon reinforces the technical and sporty look of the model. The inner structure of the case is made of ceramicised aluminium, a cutting-edge material that is at once light, sturdy and hard. The dial and facetted hands are open worked to provide a clear view of the El Primero calibre.
The red coloured date display at 6 o’clock stands out from the emblematic light grey, blue and anthracite colours of ZenithZenith has been pushing the envelope of watchmaking with new creations. The new El Primero Lightweight combines high-tech materials with iconic movement and colours, offering a sportier and more avant-garde version of the original design. This unique, enchanting new addition to El Primero collection is a true demonstration of Zenith’s artisanal heritage and creative daring.

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