agnès b. BEAUTÉ @ Best Seller Teint Osmose

 agnès b. BEAUTÉ best seller Teint Osmose award-winning foundation adaptable to wide skin tones creating a silky perfect complexion. The ingenious foundation with encapsulated pigments that matches skin tone for a remarkable make-up result. This foundation has won many beauty awards, including the “Victorie de la BEAUTÉ” and GRANDS PRIX AVANTAGES DE LA BEAUTÉ in France. On application, capsules contained in the formula break and deliver pigments particles. Silky soft, this foundation's chameleon texture enters into osmosis with the skin so as to blend in perfectly with every skin tone. As efficient as a day cream, it gives a delightful sensation of moisture for 24 hours. In addition to the existing shade range, the brand new “Beige Ultra-Light” shade suits the skin of every Asian woman perfectly. The anti-cernes Osmose Eye contour concealer with COLOR’OSMOSIS PIGMENTS is an anti-dark circles illuminator in the innovation of Teint Osmose. The encapsulated pigment helps covering under eye dark circles. This  smoothing and rejuvenating eye concealer softens fine lines and wrinkles, and provides 24 hours hydration to the delicate skin around eyes.

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