Cold Eyes 天眼跟蹤

This adaptation and remake of the Hong Kong 2007 blockbuster hit <Eye In the Sky 跟蹤> hasn't disappointed any of us for its intense ride marks one of the best Korean thrillers in recent years. Despite the story is retelling from its original but still there is nothing wrong with it by created an equally gripping movie and pay homage to the formal. It was a "well-done" for both directors Jo Ui-Seok and Kim Byung-Seo, in fact, <Cold Eyes> is even colder and create a much more distance in a modern metropolis concrete jungle world at Seoul Gangnam district. The film was slick with great cinematophrapy and high technology equipments are used in this cat and mouse chase within the urban landscape. The film gets even more intense when it comes to the second half while the chase leads everyone into severe danger. You shall just fasten your seat belts for not giving yourself a chance to leave the seat or else you may not be able to keep up the story developments while you were gone. With Simon Yam cameo appearance at the end of the movie may well just suits the fans who loved the Hong Kong version by winning their hearts and support. Gorgeous criminal played by Korea actor Jung Woo-sung was steadily cold and yet up keep his intelligent with an extra dose of violence. A bravo performance! 

Rating : 4/5

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