Hermes @ Nombre D'OR

Hermès Nombre D'OR Collection, jewellery should always be more than just jewellery. As soon as it is slipped it on a finger, around a wrist, neck, ankle or in the hair, it highlights the true nature of its wearer, transforms identities and brings a touch of the sublime to life. It offers a soupçon of magic designed to bring out the best in each.
What would happen if the very material used to fashion the jewellery was born from a metamorphosis, a metamorphosis squared? This exceptional jewellery does exist. NILOTICUS in tribute to an imaginary Egypt and to its real-life crocodiles, whose scales inspired Pierre Hardy to create an articulated rose-gold skin that fuses with the wearer, responding to the slightest tremble of her skin.
At the heart of each ring, bracelet, plastron necklace or ear stud is a symmetrical axis bearing a series of mismatched coloured stones (tourmaline, iolite, beryl and peridot in baguette , pear or cushion cuts) as if to draw attention to the boundary between the natural and the supernatural, and to the ease with which the wearer dissolves it. One minute she is a slinking, undulating creature, the next a triumphant Egyptian goddess. But she’s always the same woman.
Where each of the scales meet, a supple gold joint is set with a white diamond as if to symbolize a spark ignited by this daring embodiment of the missing link between mythical beasts and the gods. The alchemists of old cherished a desperate dream to transform lead into gold. Today’s alchemists are artisans and designers with a new challenge before them: transforming gold into something else. A fabric, a living material, a skin. Rediscovering nature as a second skin.

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